Thursday, October 28, 2010

Getting Healthy--Gone Vegan

Veggie Pride Parade NYC

In September, I started following a vegan diet with PCRM's 21 Day Vegan Kickstart. We've now come to the end of October, and I'm still hanging on. I'm meeting more and more people who have chosen to be vegans and I'm finding out about a whole lot of new food options too!

One disappointment I had recently was an allergic reaction I had this week. A trip to the doctor confirmed that this allergic reaction was not topical, it wasn't from a new soap or anything like that. No, this reaction was to something I ate. So now comes the fun part of trying to figure out what exactly set off this allergic reaction. First by removing all the foods I ate within the 8 hours or so before the reaction and then re-introducing them slowly. I have it narrowed down to about three different foods. The good news is that since I'm vegan, I know it's not a milk or egg allergy.

A major win though? I'm losing weight--or at least fat. I don't trust my scale here at home, because even though I know I'm losing, it doesn't show that. The fact is that I am now able to wear two pairs of pants that I couldn't get on in September. And my darling husband told me I no longer look pregnant....sweetheart, isn't he?

So now that I finally feel like I'm getting healthy, I have to work on the fit and organized parts. Fit is going to be a matter of getting my butt back up and moving by using my Wii Fit again. We were without a television for a bit and it was easy to stop doing it. I will have to work that back into my daily routines. Organized is another matter all together. I'm trying to do a little bit everyday and pick up things when I see them in the wrong spots. We seem to get buried here in paper clutter especially. There is so much stuff that is really just garbage, or in this case recycling, but it gets piled up around the house instead of going out to the curb. I'll keep whittling down the piles bit by bit.

We're also finally painting our bedroom. We bought the paint last year! Two walls are completely done and the other two are partly done. Yay! It's so nice to finally see something getting done here.

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