Monday, March 14, 2011

Getting Healthy & Organized

I've been a little quiet lately, mostly because I haven't had too much to say. I'm still working on being healthy by following a vegan diet and it's been working well for me. I have the odd day where I think that life would be easier if I was a vegetarian, but it's usually a short-lived feeling. When I think about how animals are abused in factory farms to give milk and eggs, it pretty much seals the deal for me. Truthfully, I wish it was easier to find vegan foods some days, but I'm becoming a pretty good label reader now.

boxesI'm getting organized too, very slowly, but it's happening. Every time a charity calls us to see if we have any items to donate, I always say yes. If I don't already have something ready, it gives me a chance to get a box or two of things out. This week, I happened to find some pull-ups in a drawer and since my little one doesn't need them, I posted them on freecycle and was able to give them and a box of clothes away to the same person. It felt good to know that they were going on to someone who could use them. I especially love being able to pass on kids clothes, because we have been so blessed with receiving hand-me-downs from friends and family for my girls.

I'm also on a tossing spree. There is so much stuff laying around the house that just needed to be put in the recycling bin. I've been able to get rid of a few boxes in the basement--sad to think that we moved and stored some of this stuff.

Bit by bit, I'm getting rid of the crap in my life, and it feels pretty good. I find decluttering has a positive impact on my mood as well because it releases some of the stress I feel. It lifts away some of the weight that I carry around all the time. Clearing the clutter from my home also helps to clear the clutter in my head too. Maybe all I have to do to be rid of depression is to completely declutter my that would be something!

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