Saturday, August 29, 2009

JC Chasez Gallery on Perez Hilton

A while ago, I posted a mini rant about Perez Hilton posting about Robert Pattinson all the time.  I still fail to see the attraction of this greasy looking guy.  Really??  A sex symbol??  I don't think so!

Anyway, I was more than happy when Perez posted a gallery dedicated to one of my favourite artists on his birthday on August 8th.  (Yes, I know I'm like a month late here).  JC Chasez is pure talent.  There is something about the way he sings that I really connect with.  If I had to pick a word for it, that word would be passion.  He seems to be emotionally connected to his music, and in turn with his listeners.  Of course, I could be totally wrong here.  I mean what do I really know about the guy?  OK, it's probably best that I don't actually answer that quesiton!

Now is JC sexy?  I sure think so.  And not just because he looks good either.  It's because of his confidence, his passion for music and dare I even say his classiness?  I'm not sure that classiness is an actual word, but he is all class.  I've never heard him say anything negative about someone in the press.  He had nothing but nice things to say about Eva Longoria (his former girlfriend) when she was getting married. In a time when other celebrities are publicly shredding their former partners to pieces in the spotlight, he is a refreshing change.

I even enjoy watching him on America's Best Dance Crew when he gives constructive criticism.  This season he doesn't seem to be getting booed quite as much as earlier seasons.  The audiences love to boo his suggestions, but if they actually listen to what he says, he is usually giving them something that they can work on to make their next performance even better.  No routine is perfect, there is always room for improvement.  And he's been in the business for awile, so he (usually) knows what he's talking about.

But the guy has got to stop calling women "Honey"!  My guess is that he does this out of habit from meeting so many fans so he doesn't call someone by the wrong name...hmmm.  I actually counted how many times he used "Honey" in one episode--I think I could be on to a new drinking game...if I drank.

This post is totally off topic, but guess what?  I'm totally OK with it.  LOL.  Now please do not worry, I am not about to go stalking Mr. Chasez.  As much as I think he'd be a cool person to hang out with, I'm happily married to my Sweet Baboo (whom I also edit a blog with) and I'm far too busy with two kids to go traipsing around after a celebrity any way.  No fear, JC is safe from me. 

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