Sunday, June 27, 2010

"Me" Time Was Amazing!

I didn't want to post right after my concert because I've been reliving it for a few days now.  I had such an amazing time.  It felt weird to not be working and not be home with the kids and to basically have a night off by myself, but it was sooooo good!

The drive up to the casino took about 2 hours.  It would have taken a little less time if I had followed my GPS instead of the street signs that said Casino straight ahead.  Yeah, I missed the one that said turn left and ended up pulling off on a side road to set my GPS to the actual address of the casino.  I was driving down dirt roads thinking, "If this GPS gets me lost, I am going to be so mad!"  Turns out, the GPS had the directions bang on and I got there in plenty of time for the concert.  I had time to park, call home to check on the little ones and say good night to them and contact a twitter friend to let her know I had made it.

You know what is cool about casinos?  They check your ID.  It has been forever since I had my ID checked!  No one believes me when I tell them my age or that I have two kids, but no one ever cards me, so I think they must be BSing me.  Anyway, I saw one of my friend's daughters there with her cousin.  They didn't see me thankfully, because how weird would it be to say, "Hey, how's your Mom?"   Granted, I am one of the younger ones in the group of ladies I walk with, but still.

So I really have to thank Debt Princess for encouraging me to go to the concert alone. Not only did she give me the guts to go for it, she also put me in touch with one of her friends who was also going to be there. I was able to meet her which was cool enough, but when she told me she had an extra ticket in the second row? Wow! I loved the concert and yes, I acted like a total teenager and loved it!! It felt so good to be out there and just be myself without worrying about the kids. Without worrying about the news we had gotten a few days before that our youngest does not qualify for special needs funding through the school board. (Long story, check out my other blog Special Kid, Special Parent for details).

And after the concert? I found myself wandering over to the casino (OK, I was really looking for the bathrooms, but we already know my sense of direction is pretty much useless!). I saw these slot machines and thought, why not? I had my quarter all ready to drop in only to find out the machines may be twenty-five cents, but you actually have to put in a paper credit token or a paper bill. There goes that whole image. Anyway, I played and I lost. I didn't play much, but it was something I thought I might as well do since I was there and all. I didn't go anywhere near the card tables because I have no patience to learn the rules and I'd probably just keep saying "hit me!" at the wrong times.

Thankfully, I made it home without any mis-directions occurring. Now would I do it all again? You betcha! It was so freeing to go by myself (even if it was a tad bit terrifying too!). I was glad to make some friends too.  If I hadn't gone, I would have been kicking myself for not going.  I'm glad that I took the opportunity to have a little adventure and some me time.  I'm glad that I didn't worry about being there alone, and instead had the opportunity to make two new friends.  I'm glad I had the chance to watch an amazing concert and just let loose for an evening.  Of course, reality set in when I had to get up the next morning and get the kids to the bus stop, but my reality is actually pretty cool on its own.  It's nice to get a break from it for a bit so I can appreciate it that much more. 

Now just because you've indulged me this long, I am going to include a video of the performance from the night after I saw it. I think I mentioned once before that I used to be in love with Jordan Knight, so this should come as no surprise...this was always my favourite song (sigh!):

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