Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Allergies! Itchy, blotchy, scratchy!

Shandra Stephenson
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If I was doing what the girl in the picture is doing, I'd be broken out in hives and probably sneezing too. Of course, first I'd have to lie down in the grass and since I'm already experiencing an allergic reaction, there's no way you'd get me to do that! After being doped up on Benadryl all weekend, I made it to the walk in clinic and my doctor's office today. You know it's bad when you get mini hives on your face and arms and torso...well, you get the drift. Thankfully I'm not sneezing. Because when I have that kind of reaction, it's pretty crazy. You feel like your brains are going to come out of your nose at any given moment. And yes, you're welcome for that lovely picture.

Anyway, the doctor gave me a steroid pill (only 1 dose) to supress my immune system, then some prescription allergy pills and some topical cream. Hopefully this helps!

I've been keeping busy with some writing off line over the last week or so. And I'm trying to tackle some of the baby steps around the house. Which seems to involve a lot of trips to Rona. I should have purchased shares in Rona...I wonder if I still can? First it was fertilizer and grass seed, then the airconditioner blew the fuses again, so hubby installed a breaker and he installed another outlet and goodness only knows what else. He's been great about getting the stuff done that he wants, but my bedroom is still not painted, even though we bought the paint and everything we needed back in October! One day, it will be done.

We've been purging a lot of stuff from the hosue as well. I had a couple boxes of clothes that the youngest grew out of that went on freecycle and we went through all the shoes in the front closet (it was so bad we couldn't close the door) and I've got a box of those and another box of clothes just about ready to be picked up or dropped off depending on what happens first. Lots of paper going out in the recycling every week. It seems to just multiply when I'm not looking.

That's all for now. I'm going to go and take my allergy pill and hope that I can sleep tonight!

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