Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Getting Fitter: Vegan Body Builder Challenge

Olga Spessiva in Swan Lake costume, 1934 / photographer Sydney Fox Studio, 3rd Floor, 88 King St, Sydney I don't normally make new year's resolutions because they are usually made to be broken, but this year, I kind of did. I signed up for the Vegan BodyBuilder Challenge. Crazy, right? I'm not going to start trying to bodybuild or anything just yet. First, I've got to lose some weight. 

Anyway, the challenge is to update your training journal five times a week for the entire month. I started my journal updates today. We got our oldest daughter Just Dance 1 & 2 for Christmas for the Wii. She uses them at school for part of their Daily Physical Activity and she loves them, so we thought we'd get them for home. She's been kicking my butt so far. My ulterior motive was to use it myself. I started tonight with Just Dance 2 because it was in the Wii. I set up a profile for myself under "Just Sweat". I was going to do the Mild version, but it was just one song, so I went with the Tough Routine. It was not easy, but I did all three songs. It certainly got my heart rate up! My top score was on "It's Raining Men"

It was fun to do this without the kids underfoot and falling over laughing at me. I have a way to go, but it feels good to have gotten some exercise in. Hopefully keeping up with this challenge will provide me with the motivation I need to keep exercising.

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