Saturday, June 13, 2009

Burn Out

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I went searching for a picture that adequately describes how I am feeling and I found this one on by psyberartist. It's beautiful, isn't it? The way the light plays on the burned out pieces of a building. I wish I felt the beauty in the rubble right now, but all I feel is burned out. I guess I've been so busy taking care of the kids, getting them where they need to be, going to work and trying to keep on top of things that I haven't taken the best care of myself. I'm like this building-the front of the building looks fine, but when you go beneath the surface and really look, it's just an empty shell. Depressing picture, isn't it? I don't feel depressed, just tired, like I have nothing more to give. I had hoped to finally get some "mama time" tomorrow and catch up with some old friends, but it's not to be. I have other obligations and I have to miss it again. I'm starting to feel trapped in my life--just nod and smile and go with the flow; that's all I can do right now. There's got to be a break in the clouds sometime, right?? Maybe?

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