Monday, December 28, 2009

Wii Fit + = Fun!

Snowball Fight!!
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I actually got what I asked for this Christmas! My Wii Fit Plus. So far, I'm loving it--especially since it showed that I have lost weight in the last two weeks--and yes, that includes over Christmas! Woohoo! Not sure how I did that, but I'll take it.

Hubs and I had some fun tonight playing the multiplayer games. It was disappointing though to find out that the time I played on the multiplayer did not add into my total time for the day. Rats. Snowball fight was a lot of fun (hence today's picture). He beat me in that and the bird flapping game--seriously, I've never seen two grown adults flapping their "wings" before--too funny!--and he also beat me at the obstacle course, and he got one more spin than I did in hula hoops. Grr.

My favourite solo exercise so far was the kung fu. Turns out I'm not half bad at it. And even though I hate golf in real life, I gave it a shot (pun intended) and wow, can I ever feel my obliques. Hopefully that doesn't hurt in the morning. So I racked up 20 minutes plus the time I spent playing against hubby. Tomorrow, I'm taking him down!

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