Friday, December 4, 2009

Medication change

Well, I made the decision to go back to my regular dosage. I was feeling pretty crummy and decided to go back to the original dosage. I'll talk with my doctor and see what he suggests. I did some research online about Effexor XR and it seems that there are a lot of withdrawl symptoms with this medication. Too bad they didn't tell me that when I first started taking it. Now I've had it in my system for 6 years and changing the dosage will be hell. In fact, one person's description of going off Effexor was literally "hell on earth". What is wrong with the drug companies? Why wouldn't they have told us so that at least we would have been making an informed decision about our health? I didn't ask for this.

It's ironic that I didn't realize I was feeling miserable because of the cut dosage. Then I started reading up--headaches, check. diarrhea, check. insomnia--whoa yeah--big time...feeling dizzy, confused, unable to concentrate...check check check. I wasn't sick, I was in withdrawal. Who knew? I can now sympathize with how hard it is to kick an illegal drug addiction, because trying just to change the dosage on this leagal perscription is hard, painful and makes me feel terrible about myself and ill. I felt almost as bad as when my depressin was not yet diagnosed. This sucks.

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