Friday, November 20, 2009

It's a Girl Thing

the chocolate orgy ended in love
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I'm sharing this because I'm sure I'm not alone in doing things like this. I had to run out to the 24 hour drug store tonight (thankfully close by) because I ran out of "supplies". Normally I am prepared and have a stock of "supplies" on hand, but this month I ran out. I had a crazy day and wasn't able to get out to get some before work, so I had to go out after I came home (yeah, I could have stopped on the way home, but that would have required me to remember that I needed them before I got home). Anyway, since the store was fairly quiet (with the exception of the canned Christmas music), I spent some time browsing around for a few minutes. I came out with extra purchases, but not what I might have expected. Even after looking at Christmas gifts, I came out with 1 package of pads, 1 chocolate bar, 1 pack of cough candies and a fluffy woman's magazine. Thankfully the guy at the counter didn't bat an eye. When I left the store, I suddenly realized the combination of supplies and chocolate made a good PMS kit. Note to self, next month, buy chocolate and "supplies" before they are needed--although chocolate is OK at any time of the month!

The good news for me is that although I've adjusted my meds, the PMS was not out of control. I had a bit of a rough time at work one night, but once I was able to stop and remember it was just PMS, it was a bit easier to get back to where I needed to be. Almost 2 weeks now since I changed the dosage and I'm feeling pretty good :)

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