Monday, June 13, 2011

Getting Healthy: Seeing a Chiropractor


I haven't been writing much lately. If you had asked me why, I would have told you it was because I just hadn't been feeling well lately. I've been tired and headachy and recently had a bout of strep throat. I didn't have any energy left for writing.

My husband has been in rough shape too, so the two of us finally decided to do something about it. We have started seeing a chiropractor. We've just had an assessment and x-rays done. Tomorrow we go back to talk to him about treatment.

The assessment itself was eye-opening. It's amazing to me that he could touch my spine and know that I have a rib out of alignment (I didn't even know that!). He also confirmed my suspicions that the bones in my neck are out of line and this is a big part of why I've been getting so many headaches. Who knew?

I feel much better knowing that we're going to get treatment and that we can expect to find some relief from the constant pain we've been having. The hard part is waiting to get started and knowing that it's a process and won't get better all at once. I guess it's like house cleaning--my back didn't get this way in a day, and it can't get fixed in a day. Baby steps are the way to go. Gradual improvement is the name of the game as we head toward greater health. I can hardly wait to start.

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