Thursday, August 4, 2011

Getting Fit: Back to Exercise with my Wii Fit Day 3

Another evening, another 15 minutes of Wii Fit time under my belt. (Actually, I did 16 minutes today!). I also logged my fit credits for the walk I took with the girls today. I like seeing my minutes of movement adding up.

I'm not feeling super amazing or anything, but it's early days. My Wii fit age went up today from 32 yesterday to 51 today. Wow! I guess I'm just not very co-ordinated with some of the exercises. I apparently went up .3 kg today. I try not to focus on the weight because I find it varies so much from day to day. I keep an eye on the trend and hope to see it coming down as I keep working at it.

I thought I'd include something that I find essential for my Wii Fit board. I have a rechargeable battery pack like this one for my board. I like that I can plug it in to charge when it's low and I don't have to worry about finding fresh batteries when I want to exercise. If you don't have rechargeable batteries, I highly recommend them.

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