Sunday, March 29, 2009

Wii Fit & Me

So, it's day 2 with my Wii Fit. I'm truly surprised that it is so easy to break a sweat playing a computer game! I logged another 54 minutes today doing yoga, aerobic exercises and balance games.

I'm normally not a yoga or aerobic kinda girl, so I've surprised myself. I love the basic and advanced step exercises. Those are fun (better when I get my lefts and rights right, but still fun). And I surprised myself by doing the short and long basic runs because in real life, I won't run unless it's an emergency. Maybe it's time to start thinking about that marathon I was kind of toying with last year. Probably better not to get too far ahead of myself for now.

The yoga isn't easy, but it doesn't hurt too much either. I need to build up some strength to be able to hold the poses, especially the one legged poses.

I'm avoiding the strength training exercises right now. My excuse is that I want my time using the Wii Fit to be fun. Good excuse, no? No, you're right, it's a lousy excuse. I will try to do them later tonight or tomorrow. I tried yesterday and got to the second exercise and quit because it was too darn hard. I need to suck it up and do it, especially if my goal is to be fit and healthy.

I really felt the burn when I was doing Hula Hooping! I did it a few times yesterday, so when I did it again today, I felt the burn in the tops of my hips and the outside of my butt too. LOL. Maybe hula hoops are the key to a sexy butt...I'll let you know :) My BMI came down slightly as did my weight, but it's only been a day, so I'm holding my breath yet. I'm just going to keep having fun doing it and try to eat better at the same time.

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