Saturday, July 25, 2009

Depression Keeps Kicking Me Down, But I Keep Getting Back Up!

I know I've been a little quiet here lately. The truth is that my depression has been really difficult to cope with lately. I've been so stressed out with finances and trying to keep on top of the house (or to get out from underneath it) and worried about my daughter and having both kids home this summer and working part time in the evening while my husband works during the day and is self-employed. Yeah, just a tad bit stressed (sarcasm intended). When I'm stressed, I do an ostrich impression and bury my nose in a book and try to ignore the stress. It's not the best method, but it keeps me from running around screaming my head off. I'll have to see my doctor soon and get him to check my meds out. Yipee.

I decided today to try to do the Flylady thing again, so I got my kitchen sink emptied. I haven't shined it yet, but that is my goal for tomorrow. I'm taking babysteps here, folks. If I can get myself moving instead of sitting and letting things happen, I feel much better about things. So what if I only accomplish emptying the dishwasher? The point is that I have done something! I'm not going to let this stupid depression win. I'm going to fight it and I'm going to get the better of it in the end. So take that, depression!

So, that's life with Jaye today. I'm actually looking forward to seeing what tomorrow brings!


  1. I am starting the Flylady babysteps again too. This time I'm going to get it. I'm on Day 2, I'm excited and scared at the same time. Your right, as long as you've done one thing, it's something, something was completed. Good for you!

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  2. Great job! Does that mean you are on to wearing shoes? Every time I tried to do that, my oldest child gives me a hard time about wearing my shoes in the house. LOL.

    My sink is currently full again, but I'm going to have at it again tomorrow. Good luck!