Friday, August 20, 2010

iPhone Diet: Making Technology Work for Weight Loss

Well, it turns out that last week's numbers on Lose It! were a little off. That happens when you take your weight measurments at different times of the day--which I should have known. I'm going to have to incorporate my weigh ins into my morning routine so that I have a set time to do it. That way my numbers will be more accurate. On the plus side, I did lose some weight, it just wasn't as much as I had originally thought.

That being said, I'm trying to do a better job of logging my food and exercise this week--OK, well I really started back on it today, but the point is that I did start. Now I just need to keep it up. It seems crazy, but seeing how many calories are in what I eat helps me to stop and think about wheter I really want to eat it. A hamburger could just about use up my daily caloric limits, and that isn't even a full meal.

There are some other iPhone apps I've been using to help me. One is Lose the Belly. It has several videos on how to eat for weight loss. I also use Target Weight because it lets me set up small goals for weight loss. The pounds to lose to reach goal show up as if they are messages. Hubby was playing with my phone and told me I had 8 messages waiting in Target Weight. It took me a minute to realize what he was talking about ;) The last one I've tried is Ultimate Weight Loss Hypnosis. It's very good as a relaxation tool, but I haven't tried it many times yet, so I don't know if it is helping with weight loss. I guess we will find out!

I'm still reading This Crazy Vegan Life: A Prescription for an Endangered Species. It is taking me some time to read it because there is a lot of information to get through. It really makes you look at food differently! I'm hoping that with what I learn reading this book, I can start to take some steps toward living a vegan lifestyle. Wish me luck!

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