Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ten Favourite Wii Fit Activities

Tonight I thought I'd do something different because I couldn't decide what activities to do. I used the favourites section which holds my top ten activities ranked in order for the most times I've tried them. Doing all 10 netted me 30 minutes!

10. Penguin Slide--Balance Game.
I don't hate this game, but it's not my favourite either. I mostly do it to make my 2 year old laugh to see Mama bouncing and sliding on the ice.

9. Zen--Balance Game.
Meh, it's not exciting, but sitting down for that time and allowing the spine feels great. I once lasted over a minute, but have not yet repeated the feat.

8. Rhythm Boxing-Aerobics.
Easily one of my top exercises. I get frustrated when I get my rights and lefts mixed up (I never was highly co-ordinated), but it's still fun and I like making the bag destruct at the end. I made my trainer say, "Nice job!" tonight. Love that.

7. Tightrope--Balance Game.
I cannot get this one! I get as far as the chomping thing and I jump off into the air no where near the rope. One day I'll keep doing it over and over until I conquer it (but not today).

6. Ski Jump--Balance Game.
I just realized yesterday that I should be keeping my red dot for my center of balance in line with the blue dot on the screen. Amazing how much farther you can jump when you do it right!

5. Slalom Skiing--Balance Game
I thought I was doing great when I got through the first half of the course with no misses. Then came the second half to show me just how crazy I was for thinking that.

4. Soccer Heading--Balance Game.
This one drives me nuts. Why can't these Miis keep their cleats on? Who taught them to tie their shoes? And what's with the panda heads? Still, I'm getting better, so I can't complain too much.

3. Advanced Step--Aerobics.
I think this is my favourite activity so far. It's fun and relatively easy, even for someone like me who gets directions confused so easily.

2. Ball Drop--Balance Game.
I like this one but I get so frustrated when I drop a ball off the table. My little one likes to watch me play this one and is always saying, "Aw, mama!" when I let one of the other characters fall off the board.

1. Bubble Balnce--Balance Game.
The reason this is number 1? Because I'm damn stubborn and kept trying and trying and trying one night to no avail. I still haven't gotten past the fork in the river, but I will one day!

Have you checked out your top ten activities? Which is your favourite?

You probably noticed the lack of Yoga and Strength Training in my list. I'm working on the yoga slowly but surely. Some of the poses are really great and then there are those crazy ones where I cannot balance at all, but I'll keep plugging away at them and I'll get them eventually. I'll probably add in the strength training eventually too. I just don't like the activities, so I don't feel motivated to give it a try.

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