Thursday, April 2, 2009

Day 6, Still Kicking!

,So, I've made it six whole days doing a fitness test on my Wii Fit. I haven't been as consistent with the amount of time spent doing the activities, but I'm still having fun and trying to get it done. During the week, things are hectic here, so I'm hoping to log some extra time on the weekend. I've also been getting outside with my little one and getting some exercise in with her, so that helps too.

Organizing: My wonderful mother came by today because she knew I had some boxes to donate and she is having a pick up from the Canadian Diabetes Association tomorrow. I got 3 boxes of stuff that have been packed and ready to go out my door. It makes a huge difference! Now to get rid of some more stuff. Tomorrow I have to spend some time on paperwork for taxes (hubs has a small business)...lots of receipts to sort out and enter into my spread sheet. I'm going to try to organize it so that I can get the receipts entered monthly and keep up a bit better for next year.

And healthy: I'm proud to say I've been eating pretty well over the last few days. Spinach salad is my lunch lately. I'll probably change that up next week and get Romaine lettuce instead just so I don't get too bored of one or the other. I even went a whole day with no Coke products (Coke is my weakness and Diet Coke too!). I'm feeling pretty good, tired as normal, but otherwise pretty good. I'm looking forward to the weekend now :)

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