Monday, April 13, 2009

Update Day 15 with my Wii Fit

I logged my 15th day on my Wii Fit today and I was really surprised that I've kept it up and still find it fun. I missed one day because when I got home I felt lousy, so I went to bed instead of exercising. Other than that, I've logged at least the body test and 15 minutes of exercise a day.

Has it made a difference? Well, not in my weight which seems to fluctuate up and down by a pound or two every log in (it would help if I did the body test at the same time each day). However, I feel stronger and I feel my core (abdominal) area tightening up a bit. My husband told me that I looked firmer too, so I guess it's making a difference there. I'm also sleeping a bit better lately too. Time will tell if this will have a long lasting effect on me or not.

I have been focused on doing the aerobic exercises and a few of the balance games each time I use the Fit. I like to do Rythym Boxing first in the Expert mode because that gets me thirteen minutes of time right away. It's not as easy as it looks, especially for someone unco-ordinated like me. I am fine with the steps to the front of the balance board, but the backward steps get me confused and I tend to mess those up. I was really proud of myself on the two occasions where the trainer told me "Nice Job!". Much better to hear than "You didn't even break a sweat, did you?" or "Let's train again this week."

I also love the Advanced Step routine. It's fun and fairly easy (except for when my feet get tangled up). I don't even moan any more when they speed it up part way through the workout! Yay me!

If I've got a lot of energy or time, I'll do the expert level of Super Hula Hoop. Ten minutes of Hula Hooping, 5 mintues to the right and 5 minutes to the left. By the end, I'm pretty sure my hips are going to just fall to the floor! I can really feel it work my thighs and hips, so hopefully its doing me some good.

After that, I'll do the Ball Drop and Bubble game and maybe a couple of others before I quit. I'm still trying to conquer the Bubble game. I get right to the fork in the river and I pop the bubble every time. I'm stubborn enough to want to keep trying until I get it.

I've done the yoga sporadically. I'm starting to get the hang of it and can really feel my muscles working on holding the poses. Once I get through all the poses more consistently, I'm planning on adding in the Strength Training exercises as well. I should probably switch back and forth between strength and yoga for optimum results. I should probably look into that and figure out which way it is best to do them.

So, I'm still having fun on my Wii Fit. Hopefully I'll be noticing some weight loss over the next few weeks. I'm really ready to lose this weight.


  1. We must have gotten our Wiis about the same time! :) I'm on day 10 now and I'm feeling a little bit firmer, but the weight just isn't coming off. I have a feeling it has to do with my tendency to snack...and I know I need to drink more water, but I'm ready to hear something positive come from my body test!!!!