Saturday, April 25, 2009

Caffeine Update: Coke 2, Me 0

Retro Cola
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So, are you wondering how I fared against the Coke this week? Well, wonder no more--Coke kicked my butt! After my last post, I still had half of a 591 mL bottle left. That made it to the next morning. Then I found my toddler had been playing in corn starch and was currently wearing it from head to toe. I caved and had the rest of the diet Coke in one long draught.

I thought I'd do better today because I had no Coke in the house at all. Then I got a migraine because of the weather change and I called my husband to bring me some acetaminophen (I was totally out) and a Coke. I know it sounds strange, but when my migraines are really bad, a Coke will usually help it to go. Anyway, darling hubby brought me a regular Coke and yes, I drank the whole thing. On the plus side, I didn't drink any diet Coke today, so at least I eliminated the aspartame today. I also drank a lot of water when I finished the Coke and made sure to give my teeth a good brushing. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be more successful in my endeavours to "can" Coke from my diet. Wish me luck!

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