Friday, May 1, 2009


Lazy stance
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I've been trying to come up with a word that describes how I've been feeling this week. I started with relaxed, then changed to sloth-like and I've settled on lazy. I don't really feel lazy--there is lots that I want to do, I just have no get up and go. You might think that my lack of energy is because I gave up caffeine, but you'd be wrong. I am still drinking cola! I'm blaming my husband because he bought a case last week, but I have to be honest and admit that I didn't tell him not to. I thought I could handle the temptation. It turns out I can't.

I'm drained partly from dealing with my 2 year old this week. She's been sick and we took a trip to the emergency room this week (waited 5 hours for them to tell me she was fine--grr!). She hasn't been sleeping well and has been crawling into my bed part way through the night. As you can imagine, I'm not sleeping well. (I woke up this morning to her pushing me with her feet. I was on the very edge of the bed and my husband was already up--she had almost all of a queen sized bed to herself and she was still trying to get me out!). And when she's up, my darling ray of sunshine is into everything you can imagine. I really hope we have nice weather tomorrow so I can take her out for awhile.

Of course, it could be allergies as well. And the rain. I really don't know. I've been trying to eat better this week and I am doing some time on the Wii Fit even when I don't feel like it.

You would think that cola would help with my energy levels, but it doesn't seem to work. And to top it off, I'm still not showing any weight loss on the Wii Fit. I thought I was getting it, but then my weight crept up again (of course, I am bad about weighing in at the same time every day too).

Oh well. I've made a few small strides in decluttering this week. My timer comes in very handy. Set it for 15 minutes and then do something else when I'm done. I feel like I'm getting nowhere even when I know I'm doing the work and getting rid of stuff.

And then that makes me feel like not doing anything because what's the point? Depression sucks! I'm going to keep at it though. I have to believe that exercise and decluttering are going to make a difference because I really need it to be true. Here goes nothing!

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