Monday, May 18, 2009

Robert Pattinson--I don't get it!

What's the big deal with this guy? Is it just because he was in Twilight? Because I just don't get the hype. Perez Hilton is always drooling over him on his site and he's said in interviews that Robert Pattison posts get a lot of hits. My question is why? Do I have to watch the film to get it? Maybe read the books? Has he acted in anything else that might be really good or something? I suppose I could go look him up on, but to be honest I have no desire to do so. Perhaps I should face the possibility that I am getting old--out of touch, whatever you want to call it. Is it true? Am I now a hasbeen or a was? Are my kids going to start rolling their eyes over my style (or lack thereof)? Should I just admit to being a fogey? Am I no longer cool?

I've just looked through Perez's newest photo gallery of Robert Pattinson and I just don't get it. Is it the hair, the eyebrows, the smirk? What is it that makes this guy so popular?

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