Saturday, March 13, 2010

More JC Chasez with Videos this time!

Eek! I can't believe I forgot to add videos to yesterday's post! D'oh! I spent all that time writing about JC's talented singing and song-writing and I didn't even include any examples of his work at all. So, I'm going to start with one of the songs from Schizophrenic, "Blowin' Me Up (with Her Love)"

Going on YouTube reminded me of all the songs that leaked from JC's second album. I hadn't listened to most of them before because I wanted to hear them the way he intended to have them heard, with all the finishing and everything, but I listened to one tonight that just blew me away. I know JC left Jive and all that, but I really wish he would still release Kate, because I think it will blow people away.

For now I will settle with catching him on America's Best Dance Crew. He's a great judge and always gives constructive feedback. Looking forward to seeing Sunday's Disco challenge (no spoilers if you've seen it already! It airs in the US on Thursday, but we don't get it up here until Sunday-wah!)

And on that note, one more video, from the *NSYNC era, "Music of My Heart". Love this song!

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