Tuesday, March 16, 2010

"Waving Flag" Video by Young Artists For Haiti

Both of my kids absolutely love this song. Even the little one who can't sing along can sing "Then it goes back..." I liked it too, even before it was released in this form. The original song is by K'naan and it is the official song of the World Cup 2010.

So bearing in mind that I love this song, what is their definition of "young"? 'Cause some of these artists are not young-by a long shot. I wish they had put everyone's names on the screen because I only recognize a few, Avril Lavigne, and Derek Whibley (from Sum41), and Justin Beiber. Oh well. And they probably should have just included the American flag beside the Haiti and Canada flags because those were not all Canadian singers.

My little mini-rant aside, the important thing about this song is that proceeds are going to three Canadian charaties: World Vision, Free the Children and War Child. It's giving "young" people a chance to connect with what is happening in Haiti and Chile and other places where natural disasters have struck recently. And it's getting them involved through music which as we know is something that a lot of young people are into. So, if you like the song, buy it! Support the Young Artists for Haiti.

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