Monday, May 3, 2010

Gooood Morning! Morning Workout and I Feel So Good :)

In my last post, I mentioned that I am NOT a morning person.  Yet today, I found myself awake at about 4:30 and I was restless, so I finally got up and went down and exercised.  (I know, crazy!).  Jillian and I had a date for a run and some of her Total Body 2 Workout.  I completed the first 7 exercises in that set.  I didn't get them all right, but I made the attempt.  And I got all sweaty and my heart is pumping still, so I figure I did pretty well.  Plus I feel pretty good which is always a plus, especially in the mornings.

Of course, the real challenge will be this evening because I have to work until midnight!  Yikes!  I'll probably catch a nap this afternoon before I have to go in though.  I'm not completely crazy (yet).

I've been kicking around a couple of ideas lately.  The first is re-joining Weight Watchers which I've probably mentioned before.  It's the only way in which I have had real success in losing weight in the past and to be honest, it wasn't that difficult.  Keeping track of points was pretty easy since it was all done online.  My mom mentioned last night that she was considering joining and asked me if I wanted to join with her.  I'm not sure if she's looking at the meetings or the online option, so I'll take a look at the program they are offering now and make a decision soon.

Now the other thing I am thinking about is a little crazier.  I'm thinking of starting running.  I really hate running, but I think it would be good physically for me and the other reason is that I can join Team Diabetes and get training through them.  I'd have to fundraise, but that would be OK too.  Since diabetes is so prevelant in my family, I would be making a difference that way too.  I know when I did the Weekend to End Breast Cancer, making the walk about more than myself and having a real purpose to my walk helped me to focus and not just quit early in. 

I don't know...of the two, Weight Watchers is by far the more likely option.  Now on to more important decisions, like get cracking on the laundry or go back to bed?  Bed is looking pretty good!  Tee hee....

Have a great day!

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