Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Looking Good, Feeling Better!

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Well, I did it! I went clothes shopping with my mom tonight and I actually bought some new clothes. Tried on some that I didn't buy, but found a pair of Capri's, and three shirts. Tomorrow, I'll hopefully find some cute low heels to go with the outfit and I'm all set for the shower.

We went to Addition-Elle, and I find it a fun place to shop because everything is over-sized. That means I can fit into a 16 top no problem. Pants are still an 18 ish, depending on the cut. It's still the same as any other store in that you could try on 6 pairs of the same size pants and not one of them will fit the same. One will be too big, one too loose, one too get the picture. I get so tired of this crap!

And hello! Why don't they make clothes for those of us who are heavy and short? I was going to try some Capri's, but realized that they were so long on me they would look like flood pants. Is it too much to ask that the clothes for those of us who are not twigs be stylish and fit?

Ranting aside, I'm really glad to have found another pair of pants. I am getting tired of wearing the same pair almost every day. And the shirts are cute but casual, so I can dress them up a bit or wear them for work.

I used the Wii Fit Plus tonight for a change. The kids were playing earlier and the disk was in the machine. Much more fun than being yelled at. I may have to alternate between the two programs. I gained weight since the last time I used it 58 days ago, but I wasn't completely caught by surprise...still, I had hoped it would be lower. Oh well.

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