Sunday, September 13, 2009

Totally Off Topic: MTV VMAs Taylor Swift

Watching award shows is something I don't usually do. I haven't seen the VMAs for a long long time and Kanye West just confirmed for me why I don't. Taylor Swift won the Best Female Video and was in the middle of her acceptance speech when West decided to take the stage and the microphone right from her and say that Beyonce had the best video. Really. He totally disrespected Taylor Swift in a moment where she should have been celebratring, he makes it a slap in her face. What is wrong with this man? Show some respect for other people. For someone who was an underdog, you sure don't give props where they are due. Taylor Swift is an amazing artist. Beyonce's video? Dude, it's actually a little boring. She's dancing around, sure, but so what? Taylor's video actually tells a story.

She did an amazing job going on to do her performance after that. That shows a lot of class. You go, Taylor! You've gained a lot of respect from a lot of people because you're handling yourself so well. Someone else has lost all respect.

On another topic, what is up with Russell Brand? He is rude and very annoying. Why would MTV have brought him back? I am not even going to watch the rest of the show. It's just too annoying and stupid.


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