Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Few More Baby Steps...

walking (uncropped)
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Had a busy day today, but it was a good one. My darling husband insisted I go get my hair cut today. I thought, sure, why not, I need to get it cut. When we get to the salon, he tells the stylist I need a cut and a dye as well. I was a little surprised, because I have a couple grays, but nothing that noticeable. It turns out that he wanted me to do something for me because he knew that I was unhappy with my appearance. What kind of guy gets that? Sweetheart, isn't he?

I have been letting myself go. My hair was halfway down my back and it was almost always in a ponytail. I didn't even realize how long it was until the stylist asked me how short I wanted it and I looked in the mirror to see that it was well past my shoulders. I think it has been possibly two years since I last got it cut. Crazy, right? Money had been tight and other things needed to be done, so I kept putting it on the back burner.

I think I may have lost some significant weight when I got my hair cut. Seriously, I had a lot of hair! It's now much shorter, layered and I have bangs...I haven't had bangs in 10 years at least! My kids have never seen me with bangs. It is taking some time to get used to seeing my reflection. :)

The other big thing I did tonight was go out for a walk with my friends. We all met about 5 years ago when we were training for the Weekend to End Breast Cancer and we still try to walk together now. It was so good to be outside walking and talking and talking. I think we probably walked about 7k tonight. That's a rough estimate, but still, it feels good to be back at it.

Now I'm at home with a migraine and a pretty funky haircut. Going to spend some time with my hubby and call it a night.

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