Friday, April 30, 2010

Today I Ran Away....

running away, age 8. 2/10/2008
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....and no one noticed! OK, that's really because they are all asleep. I was having one of those nights and I felt like just getting out of the house, so I decided to drive up the street to get a slush drink. When I got in the car, I had this terrible urge to just put the pedal to the metal and keep going. I didn't. I went to the gas station, got my slush (Crystal Lite Cranberry, let me just say-ew!) and an ice cream sandwich (hello! chocolate and ice cream!) and got back in the car.

Now, I didn't head home right away. I put on my JC Chasez CD which permanently resides in my car's CD player and hit the road. I've gotta say, the roads were a lot more fun when I was younger and could drive five minutes before hitting one of the country roads. They were good old dirt roads and you could really just escape for awhile out in the country. Now those roads are paved and the speed limit is 60K. Really? And why does it take almost 20 minutes to get out of the city?

It's pretty obvious that I came back home, since I'm blogging and all, but wow, for that split second, I thought about just going. I ended up having a nice drive singing along with JC. It was fun. For once I wasn't driving somewhere that someone else needed me to go. I wasn't going to work or driving hubby to work or taking one of the kids to buy shoes or even doing grocery shopping. I was being totally irresponsible and LOVING it! (sure, maybe it wasn't totally irresponsible, I did drive the speed limit and wear my seat belt and all). It was nice to be in the moment and not worrying about 6 thousand things. That's why I don't sleep well. Those 6 thousand things keep me up, so I do things like blogging or reading, or just tossing and turning. And can I just say how frustrating it is when hubby gets into bed, rolls to his side (taking my share of the blankets with him) and falls asleep??? How can he do that? It's so not fair!

Back to the topic at hand. I think that sometimes we all need to run away. We need to disconnect from the world for just a few minutes to find our sanity. And have some chocolate. Because everything is better with chocolate. Next time, I think I might run away to a tropical paradise I have the time to plan something like that!


  1. My husband and I are the same when it comes to sleep. It would be nice to be able to fall asleep like that on a consistent basis.

  2. It would, wouldn't it? Some days I'm tempted just to hit him with a pillow so he wakes up and I can go to sleep. :)