Sunday, January 24, 2010

1 Week Done! 30 Minutes a Day on My Wii Fit!

[The Seven Sisters, Nordland, Norway] (LOC)
Originally uploaded by The Library of Congress

I thought a picture of the Seven Sisters was a great one to represent seven days completed yesterday. 30 minutes a day for 7 days on my Wii Fit. Not bad, huh? Along with trying to eat better, this is part of my plan for getting healthier. I'm not completely sure if it is working yet as the balance board seems to show my weight being down for two days and then up on the third. I've decided to try to focus less on the weight and more on being healthy, but it still frustrates me to no end!

I'm feeling OK. Not spectacular or anything, but perhaps a bit better than I had been. What I really like is that those 30 minutes a day are mine. I'm not working or writing or taking care of the kids, or doing laundry. Those are 30 minutes of me time. It's become more fun too, and I think that really is the key to exercise for me. If it's not fun, I won't be motivated to do it.

So now we start on week 2 and keep on going. Taking small steps every day towards a healthier life.

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