Monday, January 11, 2010

Catching up

Three girls making a "sandman" at the beach
Originally uploaded by State Library and Archives of Florida

With the cold weather here, I went searching for a picture that showed somewhere warm so I could pretend that I was there too. I liked this one since it shows a "sandman" instead of a snowman. I wish it was warm enough to make a snowman, but the snow we have right now is not the right kind for making snowmen. Oh well.

I'm still working on decluttering the house. It's taking longer than I would have liked, but as Flylady says, it didn't get this way in one day. My biggest trick is keeping a box to put the little one's outgrown clothes in as soon as they come out of the wash. I've also got one in the little one's closet for the clothes that are too small for the big one but too big for the little one. When the box with the little one's old clothes gets full, it gets donated.

I'm also trying to keep our recycling clutter under control, so I got some clear recycling bags to put it in. It keeps it from spreading across the house until pick up day.

The kids are starting to help out more around the house. They are both now responsible for putting their laundry away in their drawers and they collect up their dirty laundry as well. They like to help with filling and emptying the dishwasher too. I'm trying to get them into the habit of putting things away when they are finished with them, but that is an ongoing struggle.

And last but not least, I'm trying to use my Wii Fit more often. I'm enjoying the Wii Fit Plus games. I haven't tried any of the other things on it--the games are just too much fun! And if a workout isn't fun, I won't do it because then it feels like punishment instead.

Now that I think about it, that's probably how the kids feel about cleaning up too. I'll have to make sure to keep cleaning up fun for them.

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