Friday, January 22, 2010

Day 5, Wii Fitting my way to Healthy

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Last night was one of the first nights I have fallen asleep without staying up half the night. I had a fairly good sleep except that our 7 year old came in our room several times through the night telling us that she hadn't slept all night. What she didn't realize is that she was sleeping, then getting up to tell us she wasn't, going back to bed and sleeping...well, you get the point. Despite waking several times, I thought I had a restful sleep. Well, I guess I didn't, because I was exhausted all day. I even went to the extreme of having a coffee this afternoon in the hopes of waking myself up. Since I don't like coffee and it was really strong, it woke my tastebuds up at the very least. I only managed to drink half of it, and that was with the inclusion of 3 packets of sugar.

So by the time I got home from work tonight, I was not looking forward to getting on that Wii Fit board, but I did it. I'm proud of myself because it would have been so easy to slack tonight and skip it. I got my 30 minutes in and that darn machine told me I lost 0.2 kg since yesterday. I'll believe it when my weight actually shows improvement for more than 3 days in a row.

I found something new on the Wii Fit Plus. From the main menu, where you see the board in the background, running on the treadmill, if you click on the board, it gives you two new things you can do. The first is the ultimate balance test--very hard! And the second was weight judgement or something like that. That was funny--you have to put things on the balance board that weigh the amount shown on the screen. I would have done better if I realized you had to hit A after putting things on the scale to weigh them. Oh well, still fun, if not very productive.

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