Monday, January 18, 2010

Wii Fit Kung Fu Fighting!

Kung Fu Panda (功夫熊貓) - PO 寶
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Well, I did it again! Two nights in a row doing 30 minutes on the Wii Fit. I'm having fun with the Kung Fu. I found out that if you actually get the hit right in one spot, you shake the walls and the swords that are hanging. Pretty cool! I even opened up the advanced level on Kung Fu. I was OK at the beginner level--one step at a time, nothing too complicated. On the advanced level, they do three or four moves and the first pair of miis aren't finished before the second one starts. I am not co-ordinated at all, so it was pretty funny. Good thing everyone else is in bed.

I also opened up expert level on snow ball fighting, but apparently when they throw snow balls the size of snowmen's heads, I don't do very well. In expert, it's one hit and you are out. I got in 8 hits as my highest score there.

And another new favourite is the marching. Again, beginner is easy, Advanced is crazy!

I felt yesterday's workout in my arms a bit today, so that made me feel like I'd accomplished something. And--big news....I dropped 0.6 kg since yesterday. I have to go in and figure out how to change the weight to pounds. I can think distance in metric, but weight is one of those things I have to do Imperially. Anyway, that's today in a nutshell.

And just because the song is stuck in my head, enjoy the video below...

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