Sunday, January 17, 2010

Wii Be Gettin' Fitter! Day 1

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See, everyone loves the Wii Fit. OK, well, that's not my cat (I don't actually have one, but that's OK), but I thought it was a cute picture anyway.

So, earlier I said I was going to get serious about losing weight. I tried to eat better today, had a salad and everything. Then we went to my parents for dinner and ordered in pizza and there was mint chocolate chip ice cream and cookies for dessert. In my defense, chocolate is my weakness, I had no choice! Ywah, I know, I did have a choice. Oh well. Hopefully tomorrow I make some better decisions.

On the plus side, Hubs and I both did time on the Wii Fit tonight. I let him set a smaller goal of 15 minutes, because he hasn't been doing this much and I want him to start getting in shape for his health. He needs to be exercising. His cardiologist has never in his professional career seen someone whose good cholesterol was so low (and that's not a good thing).

Anyway, I decided tonight to get serious, so I tried some of the Wii Fit Plus Routines. I thought they were going to be boring workouts like doing the strength training exercises that I loathe. But guess what? They were fun! The Leaner Mii workout under the Health menu was great! I did Hula Hoop, Island Cycling and Skateboard Arena. All three are things I would normally do, but now they are linked up as a routine. I also tried the Warm-Up and Relax routines under the lifestyle menu. Warm-up was OK, but Relax wasn't that relaxing. When I was done, I was pretty pumped up.

After the three routines, I did some other games just to make my time up to 30 minutes. And success!

I forgot to mention the best part--after 7 days off, I didn't lose any weight, but I didn't gain any weight either. That in itself feels like a major win. Now to just start getting healthier by dropping the weight.

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