Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Wii Fit is Evil, I tell you!! Evil!!

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I'm pretty sure my Wii Fit is out to get me. It lulled me into a sense of accomplishment--"you've lost 0.7 kg!" and just as I'm feeling good about that, guess what? I get on that damn board today and the bloomin' thing tells me I've gained 0.7kg. Gained! Then it has the audacity to ask me the reasons for my weight gain. I don't know, you tell me, you evil piece of technology. It's like adding salt to an open wound...not only did you gain weight, now we want you to think about it and tell us why. Hello! It was 0.7 kg, nothing major for weight loss or gain, so why the big question? And why for the love of all that is good when the change happens over 24 hours?

The real kick in the teeth is that I've been making a real effort to eat more healthy, avoiding the snacks and stuff and then whammo! That's OK, I'm pretty sure I'll get on tomorrow and the weight will be something else entirely and my Wii Fit Age will probably double or triple as well, just to mess with my head some more.

On the plus side, I did the Tummy and Leaner Mii workouts tonight. I really felt the Tummy one--hopefully that means I'll be able to see a difference if I keep it up.

My 7-year old is doing much better at some of the Wii stuff than the rest of us. She's got the advanced or expert in the cycling. I'm not sure how she does it, because I've watched her ride and it is painful to watch her almost fall off the bridges and things. She's a crazy driver. I guess I should be glad she hasn't taken to her bike in real life--I'm sure she's going to be a kid who will ride into parked cars (not unlike her father was). She has also found the trick of getting a dog to follow her on the course. While the dog is following, if you near a flag, push A and the dog runs ahead and tags the flag for you. That's probably how she's able to score so well even though she can't steer to save her life.

30 minutes down today, that's 4 days and counting. 3 more days to make the week.....

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