Monday, January 25, 2010

Wii Fit Day 9 30 Minutes, All I Want to Do is Ride My Bicycle!

Aren't you lucky? A musical post today. I tend to get songs in my head throughout the day and this song is stuck there now. Mostly because I've been doing the harder levels of the cycling on the Wii Fit Plus. Yesterday I got really frustrated trying to find all the blooming flags because I lost all sense of bearings on the Island. I was doing the advanced level with 22 flags then. Tonight I did the Island View Level and had 27 flags, but I found them all fairly easily (perhaps because no one was here telling me which way to go as there was last night). I racked up 18 minutes bike riding tonight. Wowsers!

I've been keeping up my 30 minute workouts every day for 9 days. I think that might be some kind of record for me. My weight has been all over the place according to the balance board, but I have a success story anyway. I put on a pair of pants I wasn't able to wear comfortably a few weeks ago, and they fit! Woohoo! So no matter what the weight is showing, I have lost some of my bulge which makes me happy.

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