Saturday, January 30, 2010

Dear Wii Fit...

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Dear Wii Fit,

I would just to take this opportunity to thank you for pointing out that once again, my body does fit in with the so-called standards of beauty. Without you, I would never have realized that my feet are enormous! You see, every time I decide I'd like to do some bike riding on the Wii Fit Plus, you remind me constantly throughout what was supposed to be a relaxing ride that I need to "Keep my feet in the rectangular areas on the balance board." OK, first of all, it's hard to be relaxed when someone is nagging at you every few seconds. If I wanted that, I'd get my three year old to stand beside me and ask me "Why?" every two seconds. Thanks for the stress. The second thing is my feet are in the rectangular areas--you just think they are not because, yes! I have big feet! Thanks so much for pointing it out. You know what? They're wide too, so they probably hang over the sides of the rectangular areas too. (the horrors!!).

So now instead of enjoying a relaxing pedal over sandy beaches and through dark tunnels, I'm now a stressed out, fat-footed woman. Get a clue and make a bigger balance board for those of us who have big feet. Geesh! I'm sure I'm not the only one!


Stressed out, fat-footed Mom.

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